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Elusion Electronic Cigarettes

  • An enjoyable and safer alternative.

  • Battery-operated (rechargeable)

  • Realistic looking atomized vapour

  • Range of strengths and flavours

  • Odourless

  • Can be enjoyed anywhere

  • Free from 4,000+ chemicals present in traditional cigarettes

  • Saves up to 70 per cent on the financial cost & helps giving up on the habit

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Elusion E-Cigarettes Explained

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Elusion electronic cigarette testimonials
  • "The best device to stop me smoking"

    A while ago a friend put me onto these electronic cigarettes and once I got setup with two starter kits. I have gone 9 months so far without a regular cigarette. I had two sets so that one is on... Read more
    - Andrew
    "Well done Elusion"

    My wife has been amazing has not touch a ciggy in months. She feels amazing and hey I don't miss the smell of stinky smoke. Well done elusion Read more
    - Robbie
  • "I couldn't have done it on my own, Thank You Elusion"

    My sister -in-law was diagnosed with emphysema due to smoking. I had tried for years to kick the habit, cold turkey, patches etc. It was by chance that I came across Elusion... Read more
    - Bernadette
    "Elusion has changed my life"

    I had been a pack a day smoker for 40+ years After many attempts to give up and failing I heard of elusion. Since starting on elusion I have not touched cigarettes for 3 ½ years I no longer use the... Read more
    - Lance
  • "I was looking for a cheaper and healthier alternative and the Elusion product has certainly delivered"

    I have been using the elusion kit for a couple of years now, I really had no intention of giving up smoking rather I was looking... Read more
    - Rodney
    "I thank Elusion for all the help and support I have ever required"

    I was a pack a day smoker when in 2013 my family presented me with an electronic cigarette for Christmas in the hopes to help me get over my addiction. At first I was... Read more
    - Rhys
  • "I love everything about ELUSIONS web site"

    I love everything about ELUSIONS web site, it's very easy to order products, and I have found the staff when calling, to be polite, and they handle any question or problem promptly, the... Read more
    - Achilleys Kaltsounis
    "Thanks Elusions"

    I have been using Elusions ecigs for a couple of years now and found these to be a great replacement for real cigs. I can smoke these around friends and family without the constant nagging that comes with real cigs.... Read more
    - Stephen Gregori
  • "Thank you Elusion"

    My sister and I are trying to give up smoking. With elusion this is helping make life better for my family as there are no health risks for my kids and they have a happier mum. Thank you Elusion. Read more
    - Marie Kerrison

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