How it Works

How it works


Find out how an Elusion Electronic Cigarette works

Elusion Electronic Cigarettes use advanced microelectronic and physical atomisation technology to convert the liquid solution contained in the Elusion cartridges into a vapour when it is inhaled.

The Elusion Electronic Cigarette is made up of a number of parts:

  •       Cartridges 
  •        Battery
  •         Rechargeable holder case
  •        Charger (wall charger or USB charger)

*Note: The number of puffs per cartridge will vary depending on use.


The body of the electronic cigarette consists of:

·         Stainless steel shell

·         Lithium ion battery

·         V Smart chip

·         Program controlled circuits

·         Cartridge (which is attached to the main device)

An operating mode indicator on the front section of the cigarette lights up when the inhaler is being used or the battery needs charging.

The atomized cartridges include:

  •          Inhaler
  •          Liquid container
  •          Atomiser


All components have been specifically developed for the Elusion Electronic Cigarette under strict quality control procedures. Some of the unique features of the design include:

·         The cartridge is closed during manufacture with a press machine so no other ingredients can be added.

·         The atomiser is integrated into the disposable cartridge and is renewed with each replacement.

·         The parts that are exposed to the user’s lips are replaced with each cartridge.

·         The cartridge liquid contents are manufactured under strict safety procedures.





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